Project Nitro

A BLAST that's not from the past

Nitro is a quick, private, and intuitive system to find similar regions across DNA, RNA, or Protein sequences. Built on top of the NCBI Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST), Nitro lets you run secure searches against your proprietary sequences.

What is BLAST? When would I need it?

BLAST helps you find regions of biological sequence that resemble each other. It can help answer questions like "What viruses look similar to SARS-CoV2?" or "Are there any human genes that look like this mouse gene?".

Why not use the NCBI blast tool?

The public NCBI tool only runs against public biological sequences, is relatively slow, and can be unintuitive to use. Nitro is private, fast, and easy to use across all screen sizes.

Why not run blast myself?

This can be a good option if you have the resources to deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot a piece of software that may not be core to your business. With Nitro, you offload those costs and get a more performant and pleasant to use tool that lets you get back to producing ground-breaking science.